Having studied in France, Great Britain and Canada has allowed me to experience very different kinds of pedagogical methods. The teaching style I have been exposed to at the Centre for Digital Media really resonates with me and has pushed me to develop my own style of teaching.

My philosophy of teaching is to provide an environment where individuals are encouraged to express their ideas and support their peers. Although I find theory important in the digital media industry, I see more value in real-life experiences and project-based learning. I am convinced by the importance of trial and error in the learning process and I encourage my students and peers to fail when applying new concepts or trying out new tools.

My role as a teacher

The Master of Digital Media program has a strong focus on Design Thinking and Agile development. Having been exposed to these ‘philosophies’ throughout my entire degree at the CDM has allowed me to embrace the culture and become one of its proponents.

In addition to sharing my passion for agile and scrum, I help students become better collaborators and more convincing leaders. Here are the competencies that I help them develop:

1. Teamwork: conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities, improvisation.

2. Design process: rapid prototyping, user experience, persona definition, user journey, pipeline management.

3. Self-awareness: learning outcomes, goal setting, self-reflection, retrospectives, documentation.

4. Time-management: sprint process, time-boxing, scoping.

5. Articulation: demos, body awareness.

My vision of success

I believe in empowering students to become independent learners. I measure their success through their ability to develop the competencies listed above.

Getting feedback from my peers and my students is key in reflecting and improving my own communication style, teaching techniques, and facilitation methods.

Teaching experience

1- I am currently teaching the IDEA-X program at the Centre for Digital Media. Read about my work and my takeaways:

2- Having worked as a Project Manager for the past 3 years and as a Scrum Master since 2016, has made me a better facilitator and a more convincing leader. Read about my process and the tools I use with my teams:

3- I’ve conducted two classes as part of my teaching course at the Centre for Digital Media. Have a look at my lesson plans:

Other relevant experience

I created a tutorial to help web marketing professionals develop and index their own Accelerated Mobile Pages.