Waterfront, Vancouver BC
Waterfront, Vancouver BC

I’m Thomas Petitjean, I joined Best Buy Canada this year as their new SEO Practice Lead. I hold a BSc in Management from the University of Nottingham (UK) and a Master’s degree in digital media from the University of British Columbia (Canada).


  • Teaching: agile, scrum, rapid prototyping, and user-centered design.
  • Search Engine Optimization: strategy, accelerated mobile page implementation, page speed optimization (server-side and client-side), front-end markup optimization (structured data, meta tags), sitemap maintenance and optimization, copywriting… and more.
  • Front-end development: static site development, wordpress setup and theming, conversion rate optimization, web performance optimization.
  • Project management: two years of experience in the industry, a year of experience teaching agile and scrum.
  • Information Technology: server & NAS maintenance, network administration and security.

Past projects

  • Faculty – Simon Fraser University.
  • Technical SEO – Centre for Digital Media. Scope: duplicate content resolution, crawl error resolution, open graph, index optimization, copywriting.
  • SEO Consultant – Aldo. SEO redesign for Call It Spring’s new e-commerce website. Scope: SEO copywriting, technical optimization, developer relationship, redirection plan, QA… and more.
  • Web Developer / Search Engine Optimizer / Project Manager for a Canadian-based health organization.

Have a look at my teaching resumemy portfolio, my Linkedin page, and my Twitter profile.